A practical guide to Data Protection for small businesses

Gary Baker Trainer

Gary Baker

This course will be presented by Data Protection expert Gary Baker co-founder of Baker Lomax Services Limited. Gary is a retired police superintendent, an accredited Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) and senior decision-maker in high profile police disclosures. An experienced member of, and contributor to Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) and Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA). BLS Ltd provide information, governance & information management services including consultancy and CPD accredited training to the public & private sectors.

The course

The new Data Protection Act 2018 – how to comply and remain effective as a small business

You are probably aware that new Data Protection laws have been introduced from May 2018. The new legislation, along with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a wide-ranging overhaul of legal requirements which must be met by all businesses.

There is the potential for significant financial penalties for non-compliance – up to 20 million euros.

Small Businesses will not be exempt. You must comply if you regularly process certain categories of personal data, legally this includes collecting & storing as well as using personal data for any purpose.

AES and Gary understand that small businesses have limited resources to devote to Data Protection, but you must comply with the new legislation.

Our day course (CPD approved) covers the practical implications of the new Act and explains the pragmatic actions that staff in small and medium sized organisations must undertake.

Is it for you?

All Small & Medium sized business owners, managers, supervisors and admin staff, Accountants, IT providers, Manufacturing companies, Service providers, Sole Traders and partnerships who collect any personal data. etc.

What to expect

Our course includes:

  • What is the new Data Protection Act and GDPR legislation and which are the key requirements for small businesses
  • What sort of personal information is covered by the Act
  • What sort of small business tasks are covered by the Act
  • How can small businesses lawfully use personal information, including information about your customers, employees, suppliers, clients or other members of the public
  • The Information Commissioner – powers and support they can offer
  • How to respond if someone asks to see their information (right of access)
  • Why having high Data Protection standards makes good business sense
  • What rights do people have that small businesses need to know about
  • What to do if you have a breach of data – how the reputation of your business and your finances will be affected
  • Why maintaining comprehensive records of all data processing activities is good practice
  • How to legally continue your business activities including growing your business by marketing and developing your client base

The outcome

  • Understand how to comply with the new Privacy legislation as a small business owner or manager
  • Recognise the minimum business practices that you will be required to carry out
  • Understand the core data protection principles of marketing and business growth and how to integrate these into your working practices
  • Increase your awareness of how your customers’ rights can affect your company
  • Recognise how data protection and privacy legislation is applied by the Information Commissioners Office and how to avoid expensive and damaging data breaches
  • Understand the common errors made by small businesses in data protection compliance and how to avoid them.