ISO 14001:2004 Transition to ISO 14001:2015

Richard Boothman Trainer

Richard Boothman

Richard is an established environmental trainer with a wide range of experience in helping businesses to implement environmental management systems. Whilst he also teaches environmental subjects at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, his extensive experience in business enables him to recognise the need for a pragmatic approach to environmental management.

The course

Published in September 2015, the new version of the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems is a significant departure from the previous version. This practical workshop will highlight the changes made and provide guidance on developing your EMS to comply with the requirements of the new standard.

Is it for you?

The workshop is aimed at directors, managers, owners and senior staff of organisations who are responsible for maintaining an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001 and who need to understand how to prepare their transition activities to comply with the 2015 version of the standard.

What to expect

This course covers:

  • Why ISO 14001?
  • Structure, terminology and concepts
  • Why the standard has changed; what has changed; and what has stayed the same
  • An overview of the new requirements
  • Prioritisation and time frames
  • Your registration body and their transition arrangements

The outcome

You will leave the course with a structured understanding of the changes incorporated in the new revised standard and their intent and how to plan for the implementation of those changes in your existing system. You will be issued with a certificate to demonstrate successful completion of the workshop.