Microsoft Word – “How Do I?”

Debbie Butterfield Trainer

Debbie Butterfield

Debbie has been with Moorside Training for nine years. She has a total of 16 years’ teaching experience, including at Keighley College. She has taught all levels of ICT skills to a wide variety of age groups and taught on qualification courses such as OCR/RSA Text Processing (Business Professional) and CLAiT courses.

The course

Our Flexible Word units, offered in association with Moorside Training, are practical sessions giving you the opportunity to find out “how to do” something, and to develop your skills to maximise the use of more advanced Word operations.

We offer a range of topics which you can undertake individually, or “mix and match” in any combination. A workshop session covering topic(s) totalling up to 3½ hours will be in a morning or afternnon, with tea/coffee. Topics totalling 4+ hours, will be across a morning and early afternoon and will include light lunch. The maximum for on session will be 5½ hours, but topics can be spread across different workshop session dates.

Is it for you?

The training is aimed at people who have a good working knowledge of Word but want to learn new ways of doing things. You may be employed, or be looking for work, and need to improve and extend your Microsoft Word skills. Anyone who is going to be using Word at home is also welcome.

What to expect

Topic 1 Advanced Editing tools Tips and tricks for creating accurate, consistent and professional documents and for tracking changes across multiple editors 2 hours
Topic 2 Customized pagination Using Word tools to personalize the  pagination features of multi-page documents 1½ hours


Topic 3 Importing information into Word Incorporating objects and information from other sources and displaying effectively


1½ hours


Topic 4 Tables and Charts Presenting information using tables and a variety of graphs, charts and diagrams 2 hours
Topic 5 Mailmerge Creating & using mailing lists and merging with letters, other documents and labels 1½ hours


The outcome

After the session you will be able to:-

Topic 1 – Advanced Editing Tools

  • Utilise custom dictionaries, AutoCorrect, AutoFormat, Find & Replace, Format Painter and Word Count
  • Use Building Blocks to insert repeated text
  • Know how to utilise features such as columns; bullets and numbering; paragraph spacing; headers, footers & page numbering; special characters, symbols & fractions; format painter; track changes

Topic 2 – Customised pagination

  • Utilise features such as automatic page breaks; headers, footers & page numbering; footnotes & endnotes; paragraph spacing; ‘newspaper-style’ columns; horizontal dividers & page borders; table of contents.

Topic 3 – Importing Information into Word

  • Import and format pictures, graphics, charts & graphs, and data files from other sources
  • Use word building blocks to insert repeated text

Topic 4 – Tables and Charts

  • Display and present data and information in a number of different ways – tabular form; charts, graphs and diagrams; text boxes with lines and arrows

Topic 5 – Mailmerge

  • Create and edit mailing list in Word or Excel
  • Create letters, documents and labels to be merged with a full mailing list or selected individuals
  • Prepare mailings for printing