Small Businesses & Data Protection: Understanding your responsibilities

Gary Baker Trainer

Gary Baker

This course will be presented by Data Protection expert Gary Baker co-founder of Baker Lomax Services Limited. Gary is a retired police superintendent, an accredited Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) and senior decision-maker in high profile police disclosures. An experienced member of, and contributor to Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) and Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA). BLS Ltd provide information, governance & information management services including consultancy and CPD accredited training to the public & private sectors.

The course

Find out what the GDPR and new Data Protection Act mean for your business.

No matter how big or small your business you must comply with the new legislation to avoid reputational damage, large financial penalties (a recent fine for a small business for breaching the Data Protection rules was £200,000) not to mention personal civil action from individuals.

The course covers topics including the principles of GDPR and Data Protection, how businesses must handle personal data, how to deal with the Special Categories of data, basic privacy requirements for businesses and how to advertise and market within the GDPR rules. We include the key ‘must do’ steps for every business and outline the common failures and how to avoid large fines.

Local Data protection expert Gary Baker has advised dozens of Aire Valley businesses and helped them to establish lawful practices and better management of their data.

We are pleased to be hosting new 2 hour seminars with Gary to explain the minimum steps you should take as a business to avoid serious breaches of the legislation.

Is it for you?

Ideal for existing small business owners or those just starting out, with little or no knowledge of the mandatory GDPR and Data Protection legal requirements. If your business handles personal data of any clients, members of the public, suppliers or employees you will learn how GDPR applies to your business administration, marketing, planning and employing staff.

It is aimed at anyone who has recently set up a business or existing businesses who need practical GDPR advice.

The course is relevant to all types of businesses.

What to expect

  • How does the Data Protection Act apply to small organisations
  • What sort of personal information is covered by the Act
  • Identify your lawful basis for using personal data
  • The law concerning marketing and advertising
  • Required security measures and how to avoid a breach of data
  • What to do if someone requests their own information from you
  • Small business golden rules

The outcome

You will have a better understanding of your GDPR and Data Protection requirements through expert tuition, conversations and case studies. You will gain greater confidence in how to stay compliant with the law and when you should seek expert support.